A photo blog


It’s decided, I create my photo blog!

The idea is to try to keep a digital version of the course I am doing in this vast area. My interest in photography is rather recent even if I had in the past a few opportunities to initiate, it is actually in 2010 that I got equipped with a first DSLR camera (a Canon EOS 500D), pretty basic but sufficient for that time.

In my journey of initiation, I first focused on the technique of my material, and then I tried to understand composition. This is a broad topic, even if creativity is not something that we can learn, we can still learn a few rules that are very useful to start. Very quickly the following question was “what subject to shoot?”, and there also is a rather difficult question, obviously my APN is very used for family pictures, but people photogrraphy remains an area that I haven’t experienced so much at the moment. So I started with more simple and more accessible topics, landscapes and nature.

Voila for a first presentation of this blog around photogaphy, in my next article I’ll go deeper on my first photos of natures that allowed me to understand that one of the stakes of the picture is sharpness…